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A tournament is getting closer and closer!!! Whose Gonna GO!

Looking for the Big one?
Posted on Wed, Feb 26, 2003 at 9:55:47 am by Dyogenez

Adventure Landing, a long time carrier and supporter of DDR in the US, is throwing one of the largest tournaments ever in the southeast. It will take place over the course of 4 weeks with competitions at various locations. Here are the official dates and locations:

Official Dates
March 1, 2003 - Dallas, TX
March 8, 2003 - Raleigh, NC
March 22, 2003 - Jacksonville Beach, FL
March 29, 2003 - Finals Competition, Jacksonville Beach, FL

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I'm so heading to the one in NC! B00m babi! Some of ya'll need to go to!!! Check it out!

*Get into the Revolution*
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