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Today I found my friends, they were in my head. o_o;

Kay so yeaaaaah, i'm bored. I need to occupy myself with something interesting. So here goes, What's everyone's favorite DDR song? Hit me back!
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Candy <3

Gotta love the happy hardcore
XD! Candy R0x0rz. It's one of my fave's as well. I think favorite one would definitely have to be Never Gonna Make by Morgana heh...
healing vision. or maybe afronova re-venge. or maybe la senorita virtual just to make brewskie pissy. i like candy too, i wish josh's peeesstwo wouldn't fuck up memory cards kthxbai<3
Call me old fassioned but I think mine's still Follow the Sun :P
Good Choice. Good Choice.
sakura all the way man! (check the icon!) gotta represend the DDREX!
Sakura r0x0rz my b0x0rz All The Way.