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take a number

hm...have any of you gotten any friends or what-not obsessed with DDR? I'd have to say that three of my friends went out and bought it the first day they played...and everyone else was just amazed at my madstyle skills.

ok so this was my first post and it was lame to the MAX.

and now i have a craving
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Oh excellent. You posted. Now you give me a reason to make my layout decent and lots of other crap.

Most all of my friends either loved it or hated it.
Generally loved and play constantly, yet sadly...they still suck.
Oh well. Some people just have no rhythm.
Hey, whats your favorite song?
uhm...sandstorm is an all-time favorite in general...
i also like rugged ash...
rythm (can't spell) and police
who knows what else...
Whats your status?
Do you play Light Standard Or Heavy?
OR what?
standard. just started playing the beginning of this year.
Ah, yes. I have gotten MANY people into. It's specially nice to get those into it, who once thought it was stupid... But then got more into than Ive ever seen. Ive been playing for two years. I play heavy, passed a few 10 footers.