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More Tournament Listings

RedOctane Sponsored DDR Tournament Listings

RedOctane sponsors Dance Dance Revolution tournaments across the country. Check out this list of upcoming events to see if a tournament is taking place by you!
Event Name: AnimeNext 2004 DDR Tournament
Date: 06/19/2004
Location: Meadowlands Crowne Plaza - Secacus, NJ
For questions, please email:

Event Name: IBA Tourney of The Ancients
Date: 06/25~26/2004
Location: International Bowling and Arcade - Atlanta, GA
For questions, please email:

Event Name: Northern Ignition
Date: 06/26/2004
Location: Animas Valley Mall - Farmington, New Mexico
For questions, please email:

Event Name: Summer Birthday Bash Tournament
Date: 06/26~27/2004
Location: Red & Jerry's - Sheridan, CO
For questions, please email:
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